I offer my services to both commercial and personal projects!

Freelance Commercial Work:

I can make visual assets for all your projects. All commercial work is done by a quote basis (such as, what you want: artwork and usage etc) but I charge around $30+ AUD/hr (base fee) for assets that’ll be used commercially. Higher end or highly reproduced artwork (such as branding or for print), and web development will incur a different fee (please email me for a quote).

Project assets I can make for you (but not limited to):

2D resources for video games (such as sprites, conceptual and in game artwork)
Designs for print, including shirts, posters and covers
Motion graphics and animated assets
Partial or full illustrations for online or physical use
Branding (logos, mascot artwork etc.) [This includes branding for social media / youtube channels]
Web development (partial or full), both front end and back end

Anything that’s not considered of personal nature will usually fall into commercial work.

I will need the following information to consider taking on your project:

Project brief – For example, if you want a poster for a workplace, then it would be ‘artwork for (name of workplace) banner’ etc
Budget – An idea /range of how much you’re willing to spend. Some software or software plugins cost money on top of a work fee.
Time frame – How much time are you giving for this? When do you need this work done?
Additional details – Samples of colours, or similar examples of your project aim. Providing these along with clear details on what you’d like means I can tailor the best possible outcome for the both of us.

Non-commercial / Personal Work:

The following price-list is for NON-COMMERICAL usage. This artwork is for your own personal use that you’re not making any profit with. Purchasing artwork from this price-list adheres to my terms and conditions. My strong points are organic forms, especially animals but I’m willing to draw pretty much anything real or imaginary.

CHIBIS – $7 (head/bust), $15 (full body) – discounted if you opt into simple/sketchy lines rather full inks
SKETCHES – Simple – $8 (full body), Mono-coloured/rendered – $15 (fullbody), Coloured Sketch – $20 (waist-up / full body)
LINEART ONLY – $25 (full body) – additional costs for interchangeable lineart (for use for adoptables, etc)
FLAT COLOURED + LINEART – $30 (full body), simple background (such as a solid colour/gradient, clouds etc) is optional at no extra cost
+ SHADING  – +$5 to $10 depending
+ BACKGROUNDS – +$10 – $20+ depending on said background
+ ADDITIONAL CHARACTERS – + Half the price (minus the background) on top
SIMPLE PAINTING – $45 (full body) – includes background/shading
COMPLEX PAINTING – $50+ (as quote basis) – these paintings may be background or subject heavy. Please email about this type of commission.

Artwork I can do for you (but not limited to):

Pet Portraits – A good way to celebrate your best friend! Please let me know the mood of the portrait and provide photos of your (or the recipient’s) pet.
2D Poses – Poses for sites like Wolfhome and other chatlands / similar sites. I offer discounted prices for bulk orders of this type.
Character Art – Artwork for your player character, such as a MMO or a RPG custom character. I’ll happily draw canon characters from any franchise too. I can also make reference sheets for pre-existing characters or design a character for you.
Wallpaper / Personal Prints / Avatars – Regardless of the subject, I can make your artwork the resolution / ratio you need (within reason, of course)

For art commissions I’ll need image references of the subject(s) – these can be done by other artists, yourself, or even screenshots from a video game. I’ll also need at least a general idea of what you want – such as what your subject is doing, wearing, where they are, etc (though some creative freedom usually means a quicker turnaround).

If you need a piece done quickly I do charge a rush fee to place your commission in front of a queue. My usual turnover is 1-2 weeks. You will need to have paid in full or a deposit first before I start, and you will receive your artwork (higher resolution with minimal / no watermarking) via email.

I usually upload my artwork to my website / social media etc, but please tell me if you don’t want me to!

Lastly, I do not do NSFW work, though suggestive and some violent themes are okay.

Please forward any interest or queries to my email:


A final note: I’m no means fully trained and only one person, so please be realistic about the project you send me! I also have the right to decline work offers.