Terms and Conditions

Non-commerical art usage:

If you have purchased personal artwork from me, you can:

  • Use for avatars or banners on social media/forums
  • Personal print out (providing it’s just for you, or the person you’ve commissioned it for)
  • Use for wallpapers, lock screens etc
  • Use in non-commerical derivative works (excludes lineart you’ve bought for adoptables, etc)
  • Repost on sites like Twitter, DeviantART etc providing you link back to me!

You cannot: use for-profit reproductions (like selling t-shirts with it etc), remove my signature/watermark on public spaces (both non watermarked and a watermarked version will be provided to you), claim it as your own work (doing so will void your agreement).

Providing credit (such as link back to my portfolio, deviantART, etc) is extremely helpful but not required providing you credit/link me if/when someone inquires about it.