INFINITE! (2014)

INFINITE! was a pet project text role-playing site made in 2014. Unfortunately, the site only maintained a few months of activity due to conflicting interests at the time.

MyBB 1.6 (self-hosted)

– Account per character with easy switching between accounts (switch on click)
– Easy to navigate and clear grid layout (grid is non-standard for MyBB 1.6)
– On hover profiles on post avatars and banners
– Banner insert displayed current logged in user and its associated avatar
– 88×31 custom ‘affiliate’ button
– Custom profile built for the forum’s RPG system
– Minimal layout / easy and quick to load (suitable for both PC and tablet use)

Banner: (Creative Commons)
Avatar: JL Hirten (commissioned artwork)

GIFs showing the on-hover feature on both the banner and mini-profile.