L.K. “Lyci” Coulson

Since 1995 – Non-binary (they/them) – Australia
Call me Lyci

+ Creating is something I’ve been doing as long as I can remember

+ I started website coding when I was 11 (2006), long prior to school curriculum

+ I try my best to pour in my love for the universe and the natural world into my work

Project Involvement

  • Warframe Fanforge – Tennocon 2019 Design Challenge – Third place finalist in the Wallet Category. Officially licensed merchandise for Digital Extreme’s Warframe via For Fans By Fans. Product sold at Tennocon.
  • Puzzlebox of Yogg-Saron (2018) – Warcraft themed charity zine raising $1,136.52 (USD) for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
  • Guild Wars 2 Fanforge (2017) Winning Design – Officially licensed merchandise for ArenaNet’s Guild Wars 2 via For Fans By Fans (formally WeLoveFine).

Skills Summary

  • Extensive use of Adobe Suite (Versions CS3 through to CC 2019) in creating:
    • Manipulation of photography, including touch up work and artistic re-purposing
    • Creation of various web assets
    • Creating original drawings and artwork
    • Optimising images for web
    • Motion graphics and animation (After Effects)
    • Video editing (Premiere and After Effects)
  • Web Design and Software
    • Strong familiarity with Dreamweaver (versions CS3 onwards)
    • Able to code with basic programs like Notepad
    • Experience with W3C Markup Validation
    • Long time use of HTML/CSS (since late 2006)
    • CSS3/HTML5 knowledge and usage, familiar with ongoing development
    • Rudimentary but evolving skills in PHP, Javascript and MYSQL, including debugging
    • Thorough use of forum software IPB v1.3, MyBB and content management system software such as WordPress
    • Management of hardware and services
    • Creation and web-administration of several websites including forums
  • Artwork and Image Creation
    • Proficient use of Clip Studio Paint EX (versions 1.3.1 onwards) for digital illustrations, animations and comics
    • Practicing digital mediums since 2008
    • Photograph darkroom experience
  • Other Software / Services
    • Experience with cloud-based organisation systems (Asana, Evernote, Simplenote)
    • Thorough use of modern web browsers including developer tools
    • Twitch.tv (and former site justin.tv), Livestream.com
    • Using social media for marketing and advertising
    • Market sites such as Ebay, Amazon, Etsy, etc
  • Game Development
    • Story development for original and fan-made games
    • Sprite / 2D asset creation
    • Intermediate programming skills
  • Writing / English based Skills
    • Native English speaker (EN-AUS)
    • Awarded Distinction in English [2008] (University of NSW international competition)
    • Documentation and essays
    • Excellent touch typing skills
  • Other Paid Work Experience
    • 6+ months in retail stores selling pop culture and science-based merchandise
    • 5+ years of retail work including some food handling, mostly cash handling
    • Handling and presentation of high value stock
    • Phone order taking and call handling
    • Use of various retail software and KPI systems
    • Cash and credit/ETPOS handling
  • Miscellaneous Experience
    • Responsible service of alcohol certificate
    • Biological recording and sampling experience
    • Good with animals
    • Volunteer work in primary school (2011)
    • Volunteer work at recycled goods processing REmida WA (2013)
    • Sewing and crafting with fabric and other materials for both everyday wear and costume